April 2018
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Resident Artist

LATIBAH is proud to welcome Artist Tommie Robinson as one of its resident artists.

Tommie Robinson became the first black artist in the Guild of Charlotte Artists whose work has been commissioned by corporations, civic leaders, and private collectors. He is the creator of the extraordinary two-story murals in the Bobcats Arena.  He has returned home to Charlotte and has recently completed a set of murals located at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in 2013.  We are excited that LATIBAH can partner and provide space for Mr. Robinson to create and display his unparalleled gift to art and culture.



LATIBAH is proud to welcome Artist Nellie Ashford as one of its showcased artists.

The art and talent of Charlotte folk artist, Nellie Ashford is on display and available for purchase at LATIBAH.  Ashford, who began painting in her 50s, using acrylic paints of bright colors along with found objects of fabric, sand, wood shavings, and other natural things to create her paintings is very passionate about her work and LATIBAH’s impact on community.  Her artwork tells the story of her life growing up in the segregated South, giving a voice to the working class and others who were not allowed to have a voice.  Ashford recalls that she “began to paint because of her third oldest grandson. She paints about people, places and things that don’t matter to anyone anymore.  She is a folk artist and the advantage is that she tells people she’s allowed to break the rules that the trained artist would not dare do.”


LATIBAH is proud to expand its cultural community welcoming Artist Jerry Taliaferro as one of its resident artists.

Born in the small southern town of Brownsville, Tennessee, Jerry began his impassioned interest in photography when he was posted to Fort Bragg, NC for US Special Forces training in 1981. While serving in Germany, his interest in photography continued to grow and in 1985 he was published for the first time when a Munich magazine purchased the rights to one of his images.  After returning to the United States in the Summer of 1985, Jerry began working closely on projects for advertising and design firms.

In July 1988, he left the military and began his full-time pursuit of a career in commercial photography.  In recent years, Jerry’s artistic attention has transitioned more towards fine art photography.  This change in direction has resulted in several projects and published pieces.  One of his latest projects, Women of a New Tribe, is a photographic study of the spiritual and physical beauty of black women and is on display at the LATIBAH Collard Green Museum.

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All Aboard...LATIBAH Tours is ready to come to a neighborhood near you.   LATIBAH is touring its collection of life-size installations throughout the Charlotte community. A reflection of African American history and culture, the installations mirror our most persevering triumphs while educating about our deepest traumas.  The goal is to make African American history and culture familiar and accessible to all -  beginning in our home of Charlotte, we are reaching out to local neighborhoods.
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LATIBAH’s “Great Escape” Exhibit @ the Mosaic Lawn

LATIBAH’s “Great Escape” Exhibit @ the Mosaic Lawn LATIBAH’s “Great Escape” Exhibit @ the Mosaic Lawn
The bloodhound Slave Catchers became the Law hunting the Enslaved and harshly punished anyone daring to help. Despite this, a determined and diverse secret community risked their lives for the Greatest Escape ever, the Underground Railroad. See the secrets of the Underground Railroad as LATIBAH brings History and Art to Life! "The Great Escape" is LATIBAH's signature exhibit comprised of 8 true to life murals depicting the most complex and intimate portrayal of the Underground Railroad.
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