April 2018
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The non-profit history museum proudly presents a schedule of community programs that educate and entertain the public on ‘Life And Times in Black American History’.  Our community programs are geared to be family friendly and appropriate for all ages.

For A Limited Time Only!

“The Great Escape”

For a Limited Time Only,  LATIBAH has an extraordinary exhibit entitled, “The Great Escape, that focuses on the Underground Railroad, displayed at the Mosaic Lawn in the Historic West End District.  See the secrets of the Underground Railroad as “The Great Escape” brings History and Art to Life! This signature exhibit is comprised of 8 true to life murals depicting the most complex and intimate portrayal of the Underground Railroad.

Located at 1635 W. Trade Street – Charlotte, NC 28208,   “The Great Escape” exhibit is open for public viewing from 10am to dusk. In addition, interactive and engaging group guided tours and programs are offered upon request.

LATIBAH welcomes all to visit this beautiful and emotionally moving exhibit that gives an intimate portrayal of a time when a determined and diverse secret community risked their lives for the Greatest Escape ever, the Underground Railroad.   If you would like to schedule a group guided tour of the “The Great Escape”  please contact LATIBAH at 704.737.8097 or at


Thank You LATIBAH Family for you continued support! LATIBAH is in the process of rebuilding the organization. LATIBAH’s primary focus will be on collaborative partnerships which will continue throughout the year. These partnerships will empower the Museum to regain and strengthen its operational capabilities through the sharing of resources with mutual benefits from working together.

History Alive!


A theatrical re-enactment focusing on various themes/eras of Black American History and Culture.  Topics vary, coordinators may choose a topic from a list provided or request a topic of their own preference.  There is also an interactive pre-show and post-show guided discussion of what lessons can be learned and applied from the historical re-enactment presented.  Listed below are examples of re-enactments offered:

  • Gifts of Africa to the Legacies of Today
  • Forget Not – the Ancestors of Enslavement
  • The Great Escape (The Underground Railroad)


LATIBAH Arts N’ Education


The purpose of the LATIBAH Collard Green Museum’s program entitled “LATIBAH Arts N’ Education” is to culturally educate school age children by exposing them to various artistic techniques in addition to connecting them with African American history. The program is facilitated by a LATIBAH Cultural Educator that encourages students to uses their own creative license to create their own unique artwork. In conjunction with art education students also learn about African American history in connection with LATIBAH’s purpose to educate the community about the Life and Times In Black American History. Students build life skills as they are inadvertently taught self-confidence and positive attitude as they are encouraged in aspects of public speaking in sharing their artwork, as well as successfully completing new tasks that were foreign to them. In the completion of the program students successfully learn new styles of art and cultural history that foster a positive self image which is imperative for our leaders of tomorrow to have instilled within them.

Cultural Evolution

Impactful cultural experiences are offered through LATIBAH’s performing arts-integrated sessions that mirror the evolution of the Life And Times in Black American history and orients active participation.  This a great interactive program for school groups, families, and community organizations.

Historical Spotlight

Time travel through our interactive Historical Spotlight workshops that focus on a particular historical theme/era.  Administrators may request a topic a their group’s interested.  Listed below are historical era offered:

  • Welcome Home – Africa, Our Homeland
  • A Long Way From Home – The Middle Passage
  • Follow me to Harlem – The Harlem Renaissance
  • The Road to Freedom – The Civil Rights Movement

Creating Community

LatibahEdPic2Activities for Educators, Leadership Groups, and Corporate/Business Groups

“Creating Community” broadens diversity knowledge while embracing a connection with history and heritage.  The workshop initiative uncovers a teambuilding context in which to create unity.  The program allows your business group to explore the concept of “community” in various historical frameworks.


News & Events


All Aboard...LATIBAH Tours is ready to come to a neighborhood near you.   LATIBAH is touring its collection of life-size installations throughout the Charlotte community. A reflection of African American history and culture, the installations mirror our most persevering triumphs while educating about our deepest traumas.  The goal is to make African American history and culture familiar and accessible to all -  beginning in our home of Charlotte, we are reaching out to local neighborhoods.
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LATIBAH’s “Great Escape” Exhibit @ the Mosaic Lawn

LATIBAH’s “Great Escape” Exhibit @ the Mosaic Lawn LATIBAH’s “Great Escape” Exhibit @ the Mosaic Lawn
The bloodhound Slave Catchers became the Law hunting the Enslaved and harshly punished anyone daring to help. Despite this, a determined and diverse secret community risked their lives for the Greatest Escape ever, the Underground Railroad. See the secrets of the Underground Railroad as LATIBAH brings History and Art to Life! "The Great Escape" is LATIBAH's signature exhibit comprised of 8 true to life murals depicting the most complex and intimate portrayal of the Underground Railroad.
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